There is nothing quite like the feeling of a kiss from a new puppy. That soft fur and those big puppy eyes sucker us in, and we are in love. Most puppy owners fall in love with their new puppy from the moment of that first snuggle. And our young puppies learn to love us almost as quickly, and they depend on us for the rest of their lives to keep them safe, warm, fed, and loved.

But sometimes, our own lives can get pretty hectic. Whether we have to work extra hours to complete a big project, or we are embarking on a much-needed vacation, sometimes we aren’t able to care for our dog for a temporary period of time. In these cases, we need to look into other options to ensure our pup’s daily needs are met, if even for just a day. Thankfully, doggie daycares were developed to help with this critical need of down owners. So, how do you know when your furry canine is ready to try a doggie daycare?

3 quick signs that your dog would

benefit from a doggie daycare

Dogs crave regular attention and affection, and when we are gone at work every day, or when we are heading out on vacation, sometimes we can’t meet those needs. But that doesn’t make us bad dog owners – it merely means that we are human. If you are not able to be home with your dog every day, chances are that he can benefit from doggie daycare, just once or twice a week can make a difference for them. But, if you are still not sure that doggie daycare is right for your pup, be on the lookout for these signs, as it could indicate that pup knows what he needs more than you do.


1. An excess of energy that can’t be curbed with one daily walk. All dogs need to be walked daily just for basic health needs. If you get home from work and your pup doesn’t seem to be ready to relax alongside you, it might mean that he is not getting enough activity during the day and needs more.

2. If your dog is outgoing and gets along well with other dogs and other adults, this might be a suggestion that you should capitalize on his easy socialization skills. Doggie daycares will provide excellent opportunities for your pup to hang out with some friends, and still be ready to give you all the love and attention you deserve at the end of the day.


3. On the flip side, if your dog gets anxious when you leave for work, or gets into trouble by tearing apart your couch or carpet, doggie daycare provides an excellent alternative to daily crating. While some dogs do well to hang out in their kennels all day, in most cases, this gets boring for your dog and can cause cramped muscles and behavioral issues. 


If you think your pup could benefit from doggie daycare services and you are located in the Parker, Colorado area, give Buff Pups a call at 813-528-6025. Buff Pups offers a variety of doggie daycare services to ensure your dog is socialized and properly active throughout the day.