If you have a pup, there is no doubt that you understand why people say that dogs are a human’s best friend. Pups are exceptionally loyal and they love us unconditionally. But, while they may be friendly with us, pups are not always naturally friendly towards other people or other dogs. Thus, socializing is a critical component of dog ownership, and it starts when dogs are still puppies.

The best time to socialize your pup is when they are young, ideally between eight and 16 weeks of age. Younger dogs are equipped with better coping skills, and thus a broad range of beneficial experiences, including socialization, can help ensure your adult dog is well-rounded and not afraid of people or new places.

Tips to keep your pet hydrated during a walk or hike

Tip # 1 – If possible, you should expose your dog to as many people, places, noises, smells, and textures as you can. The more exposure that your canine has to these various experiences, the less likely he will be to have an adverse reaction in the future. For example, at home, have your dog walk through your home to get the feeling of the different floors on his paws. Take him out into the yard to feel the grass. Let him walk in a puddle, or wade in a baby pool, to get used to the feeling of water. These textures help your pup to learn how to adjust to different settings and then will make this next tip much easier.

Tip # 2 – Take your dog to puppy school. Most puppy schools or one on one puppy trainers will start working with your dog after he has started his course of suggested vaccinations. These classes, whether in a group or solo setting, help expose him to other people, and sometimes, to other dogs. Skilled trainers know how to keep both dogs and owners safe, and the puppy school experience is a great way to help the owner and puppy to bond.

Tip # 3 – Finally, getting out and taking your dog for a walk each day is perhaps that best way to socialize your pup and ensure that he can handle various situations and different settings. Inevitably, you’ll come across a variety of scents and sounds, in addition to other people and their pets, along the way. Allowing your dog to stop and sniff around at the various smells along the way will help to satisfy your dog’s curiosity. Further, once you understand your dog’s personality a bit more, you can also let your dog sniff other dogs during the walk, as long as the other owner is in agreement. Even though it is not expected the dogs will become friends, or necessarily meet again, just the act of getting your dog to interact for that brief moment can help you understand if any behaviors need to be nipped in the bud, and how your dog might act with other dogs.

Walking your dog is the best socialization you can give

Of course, walking your pup is not only good for socializing but is also great at helping your canine to burn off some energy. A daily walk is recommended for dogs of all ages, and the length of the walk should be judged based on the age and current health of your dog. Not only do these walks help to burn-off energy and socialize your dog, but it is also critical to helping your dog stay in good health.

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