About Buff pups

We are dedicated to keep your pet healthy, safe, fit and happy!

Why choose us?

If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy dog walker, that truly cares about your pet as if it was our own.. look no further! You are in the right place!

Our goal is to provide you and your pet with a superb level of service like you have never experienced before in order to build your trust and confidence in our walkers.

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Meet karla

Hi furriends!

I’m Karla, the proud owner of Buff Pups!

I’m new to Parker as of Jan 2019- while I may still be learning my way around… I am so ready to love, care for, and become best friends with every animal I can get my paws on!

Just like most people in the area, when I am not giving some extra love to your furbabies, you can find me in the mountains or in the gym- and if dogs are allowed, you will almost always find my sidekick, Milo, with me.

Cant wait to meet you and your furbabies!

Meet Carrie

Hi! I’m Carrie.

I’ve been a dog trainer for 3 years.

Breaking down the communication barrier between man and man’s best friend has been a passion of mine ever since I adopted my first dog, Kahlua. 

I  mainly teach basic obedience, but I am well versed in several types of training methods (positive reinforcement, whistle training, electronic collar, pressure training, and agility/trick training).

I have trained several show dogs, service dogs, and emotional support dogs as well! 

My goal is to help you and your dog with whatever you may need through dynamic, positive, and instinctual-based training that is catered to your dog’s specific needs.

I can’t wait to meet you both!


Jessica here!

When I’m not flying planes I’m hanging out with my 7 year old husky, Stryker. He lights up my life, we
love to be active and go on adventures! I’ve owned dogs from a young age, as well as volunteered for animal shelters that consist of walking, playing, and lots of social interaction. Stryker goes with me on bike rides, hikes, swimming, puppy (car) rides, and to dog parks.

Big or small, I can walk them all.


What sets us apart:

Online Scheduling & Billing

we are insured by petcare business

Real-Time Arrival & Departure Alerts- pets pictures include

Harness and Collar Trained Dog Walkers

10% of annual profit donated to Tippy Taps Foundation

Healthy– Exercise is good for all of us! Regular exercise keeps your pets healthy, limber and agile. PS- Any treats that are given during their time with us will always be pre-approved by you!
Fit– “Walks can help to alleviate extra energy your pet may have, calming it down and reducing any hyperactivity, excitability, and even nighttime activity. A walk can help your pet to feel more relaxed and sleepy rather than restless at bedtime.”-PetMD.com
Safe– We take your pets safety very seriously. We treat them and love them as they were our own! All of our walkers go through an extensive harness and collar training.
Happy“Regular walks, as well as other forms of exercise, can help reduce or eliminate any of your pet’s destructive chewing, digging, or scratching. Pets are just like children: If you are not giving them something constructive to do, you may not like what they choose to do.”  -PetMD.com
  • Healthy
  • Fit
  • Safe
  • Happy

Happy pups, happy life!