Dogs love to walk, and many dog owners indicate that one of the main reasons that they adopted a dog was to encourage exercise for themselves. Since dogs require daily walks to help work through the energy that they build up overnight, starting the day with a walk for both dog and owner can bring many health benefits. But, it is important to practice several health and safety tips to ensure that your walk doesn’t turn into a bad experience that you may never forget.

For proper health, you need to consume eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day, which is equivalent to half a gallon. Your dog should consume approximately one ounce of water per pound of their body weight, each and every day. So if your dog weighs 50 pounds, then he needs to drink 50 ounces, or over three pounds of water, every day. Further, depending on the outside temperature and the amount of activity your dog gets each day, more water may be necessary. Dogs lose water due to panting and salivation, and because pretty much every vital body function requires water, your dog can quickly become ill and dehydrated if they do not receive enough water. Your dog’s organs can become damaged with ongoing water deficiency, and if that deficiency isn’t corrected in time, vital organs such as the kidneys, liver, etc. will start to shut down. And this is not a situation that you want to be faced with.

So, if you and pup are planning on a walk or hike, you need to ensure that you are both properly hydrated.

Tips to keep your pet hydrated during a walk or hike

  1. Let your pup carry his own water bottle. Getting an insulated bottle is beneficial to keep the water cool in extreme conditions. Also, be sure to clip on a collapsible dog bowl too so that your pup can easily sip water during water breaks along the way.
  2. Tell your pup when it is time to take a drink. Think of this as just a typical step in dog training. Periodically throughout your walk, perhaps every half to three-quarters of a mile or so, stop to ask your dog if he would like to take a drink. Then, pour a small amount from his water bottle into the collapsible bowl and offer it to your dog.
  3. As soon as you return from your walk, fill the water bowl and encourage your pup to drink until he seems satisfied. Sometimes, he may drink the full bowl, and if this is the case, fill it again and repeat until he seems to be done. In many cases, if your pooch did not drink along the way, he will need to replenish that vital water supply by the end of the walk.
  4. If you need to return from your walk or hike by car, be sure to fill your dog’s home water supply upon your return if it is not already full. Your dog may want to stop throughout the next few hours to ensure he is fully hydrated. This is also an excellent time for you to consume a full eight to 16 ounces of water, to ensure that you too are hydrated before going about your day.

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