We know our pups bring us happiness.  A pup can help us emotionally, whether he is just comforting a bad day or helping you cope with something as serious as PTSD. A pup can help someone gain independent living and even be a reason for someone battling depression to get up in the morning. We owe your pups a lot, and the easiest way to say “thank you” is to make sure that they get the appropriate amount of exercise. Part of that is making sure we give them exercise outside of our homes. Exercise is vital for a dog’s health and well-being. So check out these 3reasons why your pup really needs exercise.

1. Socialization and Stimulation – Walking not only gets your pup the exercise they need, but it also stimulates their senses. Your pup gets to see, smell, feel, and hear all types of new and interesting things when out for a walk. This stimulation often includes meeting other people or animals, which can be an excellent way to encourage proper socialization for your pup. As humans, we often take for granted these brief encounters and stimuli, and we can easily forget that these are frequently the highlights of our pup’s day.

2. Health and Long Life – Pets are very much like their human owners.  Both need regular and consistent exercise to live long, healthy, and happy lives. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, an estimated 55.8% of dogs in the United States are obese. Many pets will acquire specific health problems in their lifetime that could easily be prevented or diminished with proper exercise. One of the absolute best ways to keep your pet healthy is to provide 3 or more 20+ minute walks per day.  Don’t have time to walk them?  We do!  

3. Behavior – Simply put, a tired pup is a good pup. Regular walking helps to release excess energy in your pup, resulting in calmer behavior at home. With frequent, lengthy walks, your pup will be less inclined to bark, chew, bite, use the bathroom indoors, etc.